We Create Beautiful Lawns

from Seed
Having over 30 years’ experience in the lawn industry, we have a wealth of expertise in creating lawns from seed to suit every individual garden environment while handling the precise excavation and levelling to ensure we deliver our clients a top-quality lawn.

Creating new lawns from seed can be very satisfying and will eventually create a fantastic quality lawn, often at a fraction of the price of turfing. We selectively choose the correct seed mixture cultivars which are the most suitable for your individual garden environment. This will be determined by what the lawn is going to be used for, how it is going to be maintained and your soil type.

The key to creating a successful lawn from seed is having a little patience for it to mature and establish once sown. This can range from 6 -12 months, but germination usually happens within 4-6 weeks providing there is moisture. We hold your hand through this process and always carry out the first mow, selective weed killer and fertiliser to ensure it is ready for you to nurture and enjoy for the future.

Good soil preparation is essential when creating a new lawn from seed. We provide the very best skilled team and equipment to ensure soil preparation is carried out to the highest standard. Where limited access is an issue, we have specialised pedestrian equipment to ensure that soil preparation is carried out to a high standard before the seed is sown.

For large lawns, sports grounds and bigger projects, Hewlett Turf and Landscapes really can get the job done. We have a large fleet of compact tractor mounted equipment including graders, stone buriers, stone rakes and seeders which allows our experienced team to carry out the highest standard of work. Hewlett Turf and Landscapes also carry out lawn irrigation and drainage.

We also carry out seeding of wildflower meadows as well as all other aspects of general landscaping to transform your garden into a living work of art.

Why not use our online quick quote tool to easily measure your lawn so we can provide a quick estimate for your new lawn or arrange for a site visit?